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Goldmark Ventures is a dynamic professional services company based in Nagpur, India offering a wide range of services to both local and international clients. Our company offers an extensive range of services for any kind of business, working with strict confidence of each client.


The success of our clients is mainly due to the attention given on the quality of services offered by our firm. Our firm pays close attention to the individual needs of its clients and shows interest and devotion in clients’ development.

Our firm’s aim is to provide high quality services to our clients and to help them achieve their required goals more effectively and efficiently. Our responsibility is to understand our client’s needs and challenges. The mission of our firm is the success of our clients. Our clients understand how they can make their company works and trust us.


We are proud of ourselves because we see our clients’ targets been achieved. We offer solutions and deliver the certainty and integrity our clients expect. High quality service is maintained by assigning skilled people to all engagements and preserving their continuous training. We give emphasis to values such as honesty, independence, objectivity, integrity and confidentiality of information.


The firm is headed by one partner whose skills, knowledge and long experience on several subjects relating to his profession ensures the best of quality and service. Goldmark Venture’s success and notable reputation, can well be attributed to our partner’s high commitment and professionalism.


We place great emphasis on professional development and our staff is our power and most important and valuable asset. They are committed to the success of our clients and they always attempt to deliver a high quality services through morals of team work, integrity and professionalism.


Our people from different backgrounds with wide areas of specialization apply their high level of expertise to every our client. In our firm we create a respectful work environment and rewarding career opportunities for our employees. Our management and staff are professionally qualified and trained to be up-to-date at all times with international professional and legal requirements. We work with full transparency.



Markmanish Hirekan the Founder and MD of Goldmark Ventures firmly believe in providing Our Customer Client Partners the Best products and services at the most competitive cost value.


We Value the Trust of Our Customers, Clients, and partners that motivates and leads Our Professionally experienced Team in providing personalized individual attention to their requirements.


We Look forward to building  long term relationship with this very trust bestowed upon us by Our esteemed Customers, Clients and partners.


Our quality policy principles are integrated into everything that we do. Quality operations are the foundation cornerstone for all functions throughout the enterprise with Safety, Quality and Performance forming the base of GoldMark’s mission to be the leading service provider.

On Time

We know how much downtime can cost your company. We work with many large and small companies that depend on the functioning of their business to keep their operations flowing. Our goal is to limit downtime by providing our best services according to schedule.

On Budget

GoldMark is thorough in assessing job scope and being clear on the tasks involved. We want to minimize change orders by correctly quoting projects upfront. When you choose GoldMark for your service needs, there won’t be any surprises.

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Goldmark Ventures helps customers stay competitive and efficient as they reach peak operational performance through optimized services and unmatched expertise.


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